Marcita is again invited to represent Classic Sailing Club in the French classic boat festival, La Semaine du Golfe . It's quite a commitment to send her but in the spirit of entente cordiale and also because sailing in Brittany is so fabulous we are happy to accept.
This will be Marcita's fourth trip to Brittany and over the years many members have experienced the interesting sailing, historic, picturesque harbours and the renowned French cuisine and hospitality.

Bareboat or Berth
. There are three legs either side of the event which you can book either bareboat or on a berth basis.
If you opt to take a berth your skipper will be an experienced member who has skippered Marcita in previous seasons. Excluding the SdG, there will be a maximum of three onboard so we only have 12 places available excluding the skipper. Those with the relevant experience to act as skipper get a 25% discount.
Joining the boat could not be easier with changovers scheduled for Cherburg or Guernsey (one way foot passenger ferry tickets from £25), Brest (flights from Southampton and various UK departure points from £40) and Vannes (train to Brest from £25 then a flight to UK) These prices will go up as the departure date nears so book early for bargains.

La Semaine du Golfe sees over a thousand traditional vessels of all kinds; working boats, yachts, smacks, pilot cutters, gigs, etc. make their way from from Britain, Ireland, the Netherlands, Spain and France to the Golfe du Mobihan. In Breton mor bihan means 'little sea'. The Golfe is a complex of rivers, inlets and islands reached through a narrow channel where tides can run at 9 knots. The various fleets will crisscross the Golfe by day, spending each night in a different port, with food and entertainment laid on by the locals. There will be many people playing accordions and bagpipes, but don’t let that put you off.

See previous trips and follow 2013 with the Marcita on Tour Blog by clicking here

The White Cliffs

Week 1: April 15 - 2 1
Pin Mill to Cherbourg. Approx 240 miles.
Passage-making via Ramsgate, Eastbourne, or the Solent. Could include 1 or 2 night sails. For those who want to build miles and some night hours.
Berth 25 points (£125) Bareboat 60 points (£300 )
Return: ferry from Cherbourg


Week 2: April 22 - 28.
Cherbourg to Brest. Approx 220 miles.
Passage-making, but if we are on schedule, there will be time to  
visit the Channel Islands, or some of the lovely ports in north  
Brittany such as Morlaix pictured.
Bareboat 140 points (£560), Berth 45 points (£225)
Outward Journey: ferry to Cherbourg
Return: flight from Brest

Villaine River Week 3: 29 April - 5 May. Brest to Vannes. Approx 165 miles
An easy cruise to the Mobihan so lots of time to meander up the Belon, visit L'Orient and the Vilaine river (picture), visit the islands of the Baie du Quiberon and get a good feel of the Morbihan.
Bareboat 140 points (£560) Berth 45 points (£225)
As an entrant to the Semaine du Golfe there will be free berthing in seleceted harbours in the area for this week
Outward Journey: flight to Brest
Return: Train from Vannesto Brest, flight from Brest
Working Boat Fleet in Vannes

Week 4: 6-12 May. La Semaine du Golfe.
Racing and cruising the sheltered inland sea of the Morbihan and the Baie du Quiberron it is a bi-annual orgy of classic yachts and Breton food. Nothing quite prepares you for the 1000 boat parade on the Saturday. Not to be missed.

Berth 125 points (£500)
Car journey with other members or
Outward Journey: flight to Brest, train to Vannes
Return: Train from Vannesto Brest, flight from Brest

Carnac, Stonehenge of France

Week 5: May 13 - 19 Morbihan to Brest
Reverse itinerary of week 3.
The photo shows Brest Harbour
Bareboat 140 points (£560) Berth 45 points (£225)
As an entrant to the Semaine du Golfe there will be free berthing in selected harbours in the area for this week
Outward Journey: flight to Brest, train to Vannes
Return: flight from Brest

Anchorage on Sark

Week 6: May 20-26 Brest to Guernsey .
Reverse passage of week 2. Ought to be a nice downhill leg with time to visit a few of the Channel Islands such as the idyllic Sark.
Bareboat 140 points (£560) Berth 45 points (£225)
Outward Journey: flight to Brest
Return: ferry from Guernsey

Sunset on Alderney

Week 7: May 27 – 30. Monday to Thursday
Channel Islands to Solent
Spend a few days in the Channel Islands before setting back across the Channel to the Solent. Picture Alderney sunset.
Bareboat 45 points (£225) Berth 25 points (£100)
Outward Journey: ferry to Guernsey

Week 8: June 3-7. Monday to Friday
Solent to Pinmill
Downwind coastal hopping.
Bareboat 50 points (£250) Berth 25 points (£125)

Marcita in 1968 Round the Island Race

Marcita Racing and Regatta Tour 2013
Round the Island Race on 01/06 prep day on 31st May (2days) booked

Suffolk Yacht Harbour Classic Regatta 15-16 June (3 days)
British Classic Yacht Club Regatta 6-13/07 (7 days)
Suffolk Yacht Harbour Autumn Classic Regatta 7-8 September

Price per day
1-5 days £125 (25 points), 6-10 days £80 (20 points)
11-20 days £70 (17.5 points), 21+ days £60 ( 15 points)

Ideally we would like to recruit a crew who would like to compete in all these events, so there is a substantial discount for those who can commit to the whole programme. However those wanting to get a taste for racing are welcome to come along for a day subject to availability.

email ian or call 0870 300 1066 for availability




To contact us: telephone 0870 300 1066 or send an email to

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