The aim of Classic Sailing Club is to give members an alternative to owning a yacht, Virtual Ownership is the closest we come to this.
Virtual Ownership really does give you all the pleasure and none of the pain of ownership but at a fraction of the cost
Members who join this scheme choose one particular boat. Each boat has a maximum of 5 VO members.
The main features and benefits are listed below

Five pre-bookable weeks per annum
The main sailing season, Mid-April to September, is 25 weeks long, VO members are initially allocated every fifth week. Members can then swap weeks with other VO members of their boat to gain their choice weeks or make consecutive weeks.
If VO members combine their time with another they simultaneously gain crew and more sailing for free

Income from your unused time
If a VO member can not use some of their prebooked slots, they can offer it back to the club who will return 25% of any income back to the VO member in the way of a discount against the following year's fee
For example: a weekend on Marcita in July becomes free which is sold to a member for 96 points @ £4, the VO member who release her will have £96 deducted from next year's VO fee

Unlimited, last minute use
If a day is unallocated or a VO member has decided not to use a boat on a particular day, we will announce the yacht as free up to five days in advance. Any eligible VO member can take the boat at no extra cost. If two VO members apply to take up the availability, first choice is given to a VO member of that boat, second to any VO member in that band or above.
For example; a Caressa member could take Hampshire Maid but not visa versa, a Myfanwy member could take Marcita, etc.

Income from non VO members when sailing
Many owners have great difficulty finding regular crew. With VO the Club can find you members willing to sail with you. You may want crew for a day, a weekend, to get you across the channel or for an extended cruise.
Just put in a crew request, we will post it up or email it round the membership.
The VO member offering the crew space will receive 25% of the berth fee aganst their next year's VO fee.
For example, you are a VO member on Marcita, you need 2 crew for a weekend trip to Malden. CSC finds them, they each pay the weekend fee of £150 and you get £75 off next year's VO fee

Upgrade to a higher band
If you want a bigger boat you can either pay the difference between the bands pro-rata for the remainder of that year (if a VO membership is still available on that boat) or for the period required you pay the difference between the charter fee of your VO boat boat and the one you want for the period required.

What other costs are involved
Just like our normal charters the VO member is responsible for returning the boat clean and with a full tank of diesel.
You will need to pay any marina or mooring fees incurred while away from the CSC mooring, apart from that the membership fee covers it all!



Sunset on the Golfe du Morbihan

Band 2 Hampshire Maid or Night Wind

5 weeks plus last minute unlimited use of Band 2 boats: £1500 pa

Band 3 Myfanwy or Marcita 5 weeks plus last minute unlimited use of Band 2 and 3 boats: £2500 pa
Band 5 Caressa 5 weeks plus last minute unlimited use of all boats: £3500pa

2010 Introductory Offer

We are half way through the season so Members wanting to take up a VO Membership can do so at a 50% discount on the annual rate.

To discuss how Virtual Ownership can work for you or if you need more information please email
ian or call 0870 300 1066





To contact us: telephone 0870 300 1066 or send an email to

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