Ierne in 1914


Josephine Cockpit

She was rescued last year after having languished for fifteen years in a fruit store in Portugal. Now in Yorkshire, her owner Hugh Jones, is overseeing a painstaking and restoration by Jo Irvine, graduate of the IBTC.

Jo working on the hull

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Ierne and Truant Racing on the Solent in 1914 Ierne and gaff rigged Fife 8M, The Truant, race on the Solent in 1914

Now fully restored Ierne gives members an opportunity to experience this true thoroughbred in action. Like a Brooklands Bentley or a Spitfire, some machines never loose their ability to thrill. Likewise the Fifes, even today, few yachts can compare in spectacle and excitement

Place on the Duel requires 75 points

Ierne was designed by Willian Fife III and built at the Fife yard in Farilie in 1914. This hull design is thought to be the ultimate first rule 8m yacht. It is acknowledged as being as good hydrodynamically as a yacht can be. She does not ride waves, just cuts through them and she produces no wake until near her hull speed. She carries the distinctive Fife tumblehome which is thought to be one of the secrets of her speed.

Ierne has the most innovative rig design of all First Rule yachts. She was the one and only to carry the 'Marconi' bermudan rig. As originally drawn she caries 1248sq feet of sail on a 58ft mast, 35ft boom and a 19ft spinaker pole.

Originally built for and Irish Colonel, who gave her the distinctive Irish name, she finaly found her way into the hands of the Norwegian Olympic Team who she carried to the gold medal in the 1920 Antwerp Games.

Often when talking about classic yachts superlatives are used too easily, however in the case of Ierne, we can safely say we are in the presence of greatness.

port quarter berth

Members can apply for opportunities to sail on Ierne either on the Humber of the Solent. See the Ierne Blog for regular updates on her progress.



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